Declarative Information and Procedural Information;

Quicktime® Video, Declarative Learning and Procedural Learning.

Bridging the Gap between Matter and Symbol I

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Quicktime® digitized videos (e.g. and simultaneously present to the viewer declarative information about a task, and procedural information about the task.

The only way to catalyze the learning of the task is to present the declarative information and the procedural information to the trainee, on the screen of a computer.

Any image is an elaboration in the brain of a retinal image. We don't have to know how the brain of the trainee accomplishes the integration of the information in the Quicktime® video into knowledge of how to perform the task.

We can then assay that learning has taken place by measuring the performance of the trainee.

Perhaps by this further manipulation and experiment, we may obtain insight into the integration referred to above. This would be desirable, but it will be perfectly acceptable to me if the integration of information into knowledge remains a mystery of the organism.

A search engine that looks up +"procedural learning" will probably provide resources that are necessary and sufficient for background here.

Quicktime® Video has been proven as a learning tool

We have used a Quicktime® digitized video to train hockey skaters.

The digitized video is called Skate Forward and depicts André Lacroix skating the length of a hockey rink. It is available on the web at

This video was used to train a cohort of young hockey players at the Vallco rink in November 1998. The video record of the training session is on the FrogOJT CD-ROM.

The skaters watched the André video six times, then skated; watched six more times, then skated again. The metrics applied to their performance were arm position, shoulder position, and stick position. The skaters acquired skill within a few minutes.

Note that most players never acquire the skill of skating like André.

Note also (not shown on the video) that their new skill was eradicated within minutes by Coach Bill Fruen, who extinguished the learning by a quick regimen of traditional hockey practice skating drills.

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