OJT (On the Job Training) from FrogOJT Systems:

Building Firm-Specific Human Capital through Budgeted OJT for increased productivity in the high performance workplace.

Want to rightsize your training department? Go ahead and outsource the most critical component of it : the on-the-job training part.

We'll make cheap, serviceable digitized videos of your competent workers' moves. Get a few cheap laptops to play them back on, and you're in business. No more Hollywood.

You'll save a ton of money; you'll have an elegant set of useful, easily updateable how-to's; and you'll be reinvesting your company's firm-specific human capital instead of wasting it. Call us.

Want to read a longer version of this, for business owners and their CFOs? Go to firmspecforCFOs.html

FrogOJT Systems for Structured OJT.

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