FrogOJT's place of business.


  • 820 Delaware Street, Berkeley, CA 94710


  • North on 880/East on80/ West on 580 (all the same freeway), then exit "Univ Ave - Berkeley" from far right lane; OR
  • West on 80/East on 580 (same road) exit University Avenue Berkeley and make the quarter turn of the cloverleaf to go back over the freeway and head into Berkeley; you're on University Avenue

    Drive East towards the University on University Avenue, only one block or so. Get in your far left lane. Left at First Stoplight onto Sixth Street;

    First light is Hearst. Hang a left.

    Go one block west on Hearst.

  • Turn right onto Fifth Street (heading North)
  • Go north on Fifth approximately one block and you will see two painted crosswalks. Make a right between the two crosswalks into a large parking lot and driveway.
  • We're the last building on the right. Park in the third space from the end on the right.