GS, GS, and BK*

4 August 2006

GS, TPG, and Bain Capital hire GetSkilz/FrogOJT to create a corpus of short unadorned digital video sequences depicting the skills of Burger King.**

I. The procedural information depicted in the video tracks is indexed via the words, numbers, and other declarative information in accompanying Quicktime text tracks.  Such a system of indexed expertise allows for imparting of expertise to workers by trainers; and for management of expertise by management.  There is no competing system of indexed expertise.

II. A tally of movies studiously watched by workers yields an inventory of human capital assets held by Burker King, allowing for human capital accounting.  Movies unwatched by workers currently on the job are booked as human capital liabilities.  The journalling of human capital assets, liabilities, and equity parallels generally accepted accounting practices for hard assets; hence management knows the firm's position better.  

--- Richard Katz


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