What's on our Hockey Fundamentals hockey video:


Skating Forward appears after 1 min 30 sec running time on the tape

Skating Backward appears after 3 min 16 sec

Passing appears after 4 min 28 sec

Receiving appears after 6 min 26 sec

Faceoff appears after 7 min 16 sec

Defenseman appears after 9 min 04 sec

Defenseman Offensively appears after 9 min 54 sec

First Intermission appears after 11 min 32 sec

Wingers appears after 11 min 40 sec

Center appears after 13 min 34 sec

Forechecking appears after 15 min 30 sec

Backchecking appears after 17 min 12 sec

Stickhandling appears after 18 min 38 sec

Breakaway appears after 20 min 24 sec

Second Intermission appears after 21 min 20 sec

Wristshot appears after 21 min 28 sec (You can check out a clip from this one!)

Slapshot appears after 23 min 14 sec

Backhand Shot appears after 25 min 6 sec

Fundamentals of Goaltending appears after 26 min 30 sec

Credits appears after 33 min 36 sec

So each lesson is a few minutes long.

(The Goaltending lesson is more like seven minutes long.)

André and the Producers are well aware that there are other tapes out there that go on and on at much greater length. But this is The Basics.

This is just what's Fundamental.

There's a lot of internal repetition on this tape. You see everything at least four times. Repetition is a training tool&endash;&endash; repetition of the actual physical moves you make on the ice. If you really want to watch and emulate, though, Frog OJT -style, call us up and place your order for the CD-ROM version of the tape. It has all of the important hockey movements as Quicktime® movies. Just like we pioneered for stuctured OJT in industry for any and all critical repetitive physical tasks!


On the tape, André says over and over, "Stick at an angle. Knees bent. Stick on the ice." You just do those three things, all the time, every minute you're on the ice, we guarantee you'll be a better hockey player. Just Watch.


One more thing: There's something that's not on the tape: How to Score. That's because it's going to be on the next tape. But only if we sell a bunch of copies of this tape. So order yours today. Get your whole club to buy'em. Because even though the advice and demos on this tape are as good as gold, the real platinum stuff is in the script of André's next tape. He's going to show you how to score tons of goals, and (even more importantly, because he was a centerman) make tons of assists. Like he did in his pro career.

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