DARPA videos

Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks which were prepared in support of a Proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency = DARPA



Deckwinch Disassembly

Food Preparation


We also made another DeckWinch movie

Pawlspring Disassembly

And should have linked to an Archery movie


Program Notes

Surgery: Jay Harness MD resects a few tumors with a Mammotome

Firearms: Officer James Marangoni expertly dissassembles his Smith&Wesson

DeckWinch Disassembly: A ship's engineer disassembles a Barlow 21 deck winch from a sailboat

Food Preparation: A Burger King chef prepares a Whopper in 32 seconds flat, and somebody ate that burger (i.e. these movies aren't staged, they're real events in real time)

The Archery movie is special: You've never seen footage of a bullseye being shot in real time. It's always bow&arrow shot/cut/bullseye! Total bullshit. This is real. It was pretty tricky to get the camera to stay in autofocus like that, from the shooter to the target, after the archery shot. But what's REALLY tricky is to shoot a bullseye on demand. It's obviously too much trouble for Hollywood. You can see in the video that by the time I got it right it was not only after dark, it was raining. Or maybe just shooting a bullseye in archery isn't dramatic enough. You gotta jazz it up with the sudden closeup. I'm more of a zoom kind of guy, myself. Aim, shoot, bullseye, zoom in, cut. No bullshit.

(C)2003 Richard Katz

Berkeley California




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