Cannonical Training (sic)

Marine carbine training employing Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks


(C)2000 Richard Katz

FrogOJT Systems

Berkeley California


An entering platoon of Marine recruits goes through the acculturation stage of basic training in the traditional way.


When they encounter their first training task involving equipment, they are introduced to Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks on a laptop which fits nicely on the top of their footlocker, which assist their Drill Instructor with simultaneous repetitive demonstrations of proper technique and repetitive presentation of proper nomenclature for the proper deployment of the Marine's carbine.


As the recruits encounter further challenges involving equipment, they become familiar and comfortable with the use of Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks as learning adjuncts.


When this group of recruits completes their basic training, some of them may elect to pursue a Military Occupational Specialty in audiovisual electronics. These Marines will be issued an iMac and a digital video camera and their mission will be to produce a complete set of Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks for basic training. These Marines are not personally or professionally responsible for the accuracy of their information; they will present their works in progress to superiors and obtain final approval from the national capital. The Quicktime(R) architecture allows for documentation within the movie file of all those personnel who have had a hand in the creation of the movie.


As these Marines, and those who follow in their footsteps, pursue their career ladders they will be enabled to produce Quicktime(R) videos with text tracks for training in all of the MOS. Should they encounter resistance to change, they will be able to respectfully cite and recite improvements in time to proficiency that have been made in basic training at development command.


Eventually there will be a corpus of Marine Corps movies that accurately reflect the field practice of the Marine Corps. Any discrepancies between field practice and the content of the movie depicting that field practice can be reported to the national capital, where the gold standard movie is located.


Crescat Scientia Vita Excolatur.


Richard Katz 12 May 2000 11:47


note: the author has never been a member of the USMC nor a member of any of the uniformed services of the USA or any other country.

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