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FrogOJT Systems

FrogOJT provides structured OJT software and production of digitized video.

"The first thing you need in the information age is Information"*

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(BTW Frog's Rentacomputer is now at www.frogsrentacomputer.com; and FrogOJT is embedded in GetSkilz Inc www.getskilz.com)

A New Approach to On the Job Technical Training for Critical Physical Tasks.

  • Provides a custom point and click interface for On the Job Training (OJT).
  • Uses digitized video for training in any production system or service situation involving critical, physical tasks.
  • Digitize your expert's movements. Then play it back on a computer (a laptop will do just fine) right at your workplace . "Rewind" and play it again until the trainee is an expert too (to do this on a VCR is too cumbersome to be practical.)

Short bios of Richard Katz and James E. Helms, with links to excellent work done at FrogOJT and otherwise, in various media and multimedia.

  • A monumental sculpture for sale , by Alan Rice and Richard Katz. Have a look at it.
  • More Sculptures for Sale by Alan Rice.
  • Home page of Prof Clair Brown, Univ of Calif Berkeley Economics Professor, who coined the term Structured OJT and elucidated the underlying wisdom of it.