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We have developed a system to integrate workers into the work system rapidly and efficiently.

Digitally Assisted Mentoring program employs Rapid Skill Acquisition video technology.

Here are some movies that demonstrate the system.

The FrogOJT system ensures that the worker has precise information about how to do his job.

To impart a skill to a person rapidly, let the person show a Quicktime® video to themselves of an expert performing that skill.

The person watches the video over and over by hitting the return key. After a short period of repetitive viewing, the person attempts to perform the skill.

The person's ability to perform the skill approaches the expert's ability after a number of iterations of this process.

(Quicktime files should have the Quicktime 5 MoviePlayer software [plug-in] installed for good viewing, because Bill Gates's MediaPlayer will play such movies very badly and not display the text track. If you are playing our disk, as opposed to watching on a machine provided by FrogOJT, make sure you have Quicktime version 3 or higher installed. Or just go ahead and install Quicktime from the disk; it's in the folder called Quicktime Installers. And BTW, Quicktime video files must have the suffix .mov or Windows won't play them.) If you're strictly on the web, you need the Quicktime PlugIn. Call FrogOJT if you have any questions about this. You can download Quicktime 5 very easily from

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